Will My Home Insurance Cover Hidden Water Damage?

The policy you can get through a home insurance company will protect you from many of the unfortunate events that can cause damage to your property. But will your insurance policy protect you from hidden water damage to the structure of your home?

Will My Home Insurance Cover Hidden Water Damage?

A standard home insurance policy will cover some costs associated with water damage. However, it’s important to read the terms of your policy carefully as not every form of damage will be covered. A typical policy will cover appliance or plumbing-related water damage that comes from a sudden or accidental event in your home. If water damage is occurring over an extended period of time, as is often the case with hidden water damage, you may not be covered.

You can look for additional coverage options to add to your standard home insurance policy to cover you for hidden water damage. This can protect you in situations where the water damage you’re experiencing isn’t immediately obvious. This includes water leakages in your walls, ceilings, cabinets, crawl spaces, and other spaces that might go unnoticed for some time before the damage can be corrected.

Signs and Risks of Hidden Water Damage

A sudden plumbing issue often comes with obvious signs, like flooding or backed-up pipes that won’t drain. However, hidden water damage is often harder to detect. Sometimes, you can hear an issue before you see one, so listen for the sounds of dripping water coming from your wall or ceiling. You might also look for splotches of discolored paint where water is pooling or wood that has been warped from moisture absorption.

Water damage may seem like a cosmetic issue that can be ignored, but there are serious ramifications that can come from leaving this problem unchecked. If water damage gets serious enough, it can begin to wear away at the structural integrity of a building. Standing water also creates the perfect environment for pests and mold to flourish, which can lead to potential health problems if nothing is done to correct the issue.

Where to Find the Right Home Insurance Company

There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to insurance, which is why it’s important to shop around for different policies. Comparing different prices as well as the coverage offered by policies from different insurance providers will let you find the home insurance that best fits your needs. Using a comparative tool that lets you take a look at the policies offered by several different providers at a glance will help make your search easier.

The tools that we offer you will let you get fast and affordable home insurance quotes from multiple different providers all with a single search. Whatever the needs you have for protection for your home, we’ll help you find a policy to match. Search on Absolute Choice Insurance today to get the coverage you need!


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