Will Insurance Cover Damage While I’m on a Long Vacation?

Usually, you can expect your homeowners’ insurance to cover damage such as vandalism or theft when you go on vacation. But what if you’re away for a month or more? Are you still insured at that point? Today, we’ll have a closer look at how long you can leave your property unoccupied and how you can find the best Florida home insurance company for your needs.

Will Insurance Cover Damage While I’m on Vacation?

Most homeowners’ insurance policies won’t cover you if you’re away for many weeks at a time because the risk of vandalism and burglary is higher when a property is unoccupied. Commonly, the time limit is 30-60 days. So, if you’re away from home for one to two months or less and something happens to your property, you should be covered. However, if you’re away for longer, you might have to take out more insurance.

You should also consider what kinds of liability issues could come up while you’re away. If you have a swimming pool or another potentially dangerous structure on your property, you will be liable if someone gets hurt while you’re away. Some ways to prevent issues are to properly lock any gates and make the garden hard to access, cover your pool, and put up warning signs. You should also check what kind of liability insurance you have.

Should I Get Extra Insurance? 

If you’re planning on leaving your house or apartment unoccupied for more than a month at a time, you should consider getting an unoccupied property insurance policy. This provides comprehensive cover and protects you if someone breaks in, your home gets vandalized, your pipes freeze or burst, or a natural disaster causes damage to your building.

Most unoccupied property policies are flexible, so you can buy one that lasts only a few months, or you can get one for several years. However, experts agree that leaving a home unoccupied for more than a few months at a time is unwise because the structures will start to deteriorate, and you might have to do extensive renovations when you get back. If you know you’ll be gone for more than three months, consider renting out your home.

Which Florida Home Insurance Company Is the Best? 

In Florida, there are many insurance companies, and each one offers several policies. It’s no wonder that many homeowners are confused about which insurance to buy. An easy way to find the best policy for your needs is to speak to an experienced insurance agent.

Such a professional can provide you with quotes and help you decide which type of insurance fits your individual risk profile the best. In subsequent years, they can re-evaluate your policy to make sure it is still the best deal out there.

People who go on vacation for more than 30-60 days should check their homeowners’ insurance policy because they might no longer be covered. Fortunately, there are unoccupied property insurance policies, which can minimize the risk of leaving a home empty. Call us now at Absolute Choice Insurance to get some quotes and to speak to an expert about your insurance needs.


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