What Questions Are Asked for Homeowner Insurance?

Are you thinking of protecting your home with insurance or helping someone else get that extra layer of security? Following is the most important information you should know to make the homeowner insurance process easy and accessible.

Homeowner Insurance Questions About Property or Dwelling

A typical insurance application will naturally ask for multiple pieces of information about the home itself. This information helps determine the amount you will pay for the insurance based on the dwelling’s risk level.

Basic Information

Common questions might request information about the year the house was built (and whether it’s considered a historical home), its location, how many stories it contains, its square footage, its current occupancy status, its market value, and the date of purchase. You will also likely be asked if the house is near certain structures like a fire hydrant or a hillside.

Composition of Home

You’ll also be asked if certain features are part of the home. For example, does it contain a finished basement or garage? Does the interior contain potential hazards like fireplaces or wood stoves? In addition, you may be asked about how many bathrooms and kitchen spaces are within the dwelling. For the exterior, the application may inquire about features such as pools and other water sources or trampolines without fencing.

The questions will likely encompass the building materials used for the home as well. You may be asked about specific materials used for the roof, in addition to its shape. You may also need to know the type of foundation and type of walls in the property. Further, questions about heating sources and other utilities (such as recent repairs) may be on the agenda.

Questions About Residents

The people who will be living in the home are also of interest to insurance providers. Financial information is especially pertinent.

Personal Information

You won’t have to provide a life story, but providers do want to assess a few important factors. For one, they will often ask about pets that may potentially damage the home. Notable pet questions might ask about possession of exotic pets or dogs with a history of viciousness or biting.

Regarding residents themselves, the provider will of course want to know how many people will inhabit the property. They’ll likewise want information about how many cars will be on the property. Since cigarette smoke may in some cases diminish property value, they may additionally ask about residents’ smoking status. If the house will double as a business for residents, this information may also be disclosed.

Financial Information

Providers will get an idea of owners’ financial stake in the home and payment capabilities via questions related to home mortgages, financing, and foreclosure. If property claims have been filed recently, you might be asked to disclose this information and details about the claims. And if a prior insurance carrier has provided coverage, you’ll disclose this information.  
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