What Does Florida Homeowner Insurance Cover?

Becoming a homeowner is a rewarding experience, but there are also a set of responsibilities that any property owner should be aware of. Chief among those responsibilities is getting adequate insurance coverage for your property. Here are some details about what a Florida homeowner insurance policy can assist you with.

What Does Florida Homeowner Insurance Cover?

Dwelling Coverage

Your insurance policy is first and foremost intended to protect your home itself.  Wear and tear may lead to damage to structures such as your home’s foundation, walls, or roof over time. With proper insurance coverage, you can get assistance from your insurance provider in covering repairs for any damage that falls under your insurance policy.

Generally, your insurance policy will provide coverage for natural disaster events such as lightning strikes, hail storms, or damage from extreme winds. However, it’s important to note that these policies often don’t cover things like earthquakes or floods for which you’ll need additional coverage.

Personal Property

Not only is your dwelling itself covered under your insurance policy, but any other valuable possessions you include in the policy can also be protected. This can provide you with assistance if any valuables that you keep within your home are ever lost due to burglary, a house fire, or other unexpected circumstances that might arise.

Pursuing extended coverage options can help you get additional coverage for any valuables you own that may be at risk. For example, if you have a collection of valuable jewelry that you want to insure against theft or other loss, taking an extended insurance policy through your provider is likely a wise precaution to take.

Legal Liability

Damage to yourself or your own personal property isn’t all that a homeowner insurance policy can help you with. You may also need insurance coverage if somebody suffers from personal injury or damage to their personal property while on the premises of your property to protect you from potential legal expenses.

Say, for example, someone suffers a slip and fall while at your home. If you don’t have proper insurance coverage for such a situation, you may end up paying for any medical expenses that they incur as a result of the fall. Getting liability coverage in your insurance policy can help you avoid these steep expenses by having your insurance provider cover the bill instead.

Other Structures

Along with your home, which is the primary building on your property, your insurance provider can also help cover smaller structures like sheds, garages, or fences. Be sure to account for these additional structures when choosing an insurance policy. That will help you get a plan that accounts for all of the property you own so you’re never lacking coverage when you need it most.

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