Surprising Facts About Auto Insurance

Insurance of all types–homeowners, auto and even commercial for business owners–is imperative to preparedness. Since there is no way to predict the future, insurance policies financial coverage for major assets. Auto insurance is one of the most important policies a person can have given the time that most spend in their vehicles. Consider a few surprising facts about this policy type:

What Auto Insurance Covers

It might surprise you to learn what your policy covers and what it does not. For instance, many policies cover vandalism, natural disasters and possibly even damage from a pothole. The more comprehensive the policy, the more it covers. There is no way to expect potential damage to your vehicle, so insurance gives you peace of mind you won’t face a financial catastrophe in the event of a major incident.

Child Car Seats Have Their Own Provisions

Most states have laws governing the use of child car seats to assure the safety of children riding in vehicles. However, car seats are expensive and with good reason: manufacturers take extraordinary steps to create products that enhance the safety of children in moving vehicles. Replacing a child’s car seat after an accident can represent a financial challenge for some. However, car seats are part of the vehicle because of the way they attach to the vehicle. In the event of an accident, many auto insurance companies will cover the cost of car seat replacement through the collision provision of the policy.

Color Coding Is A Myth

An enduring car insurance myth is that the color of the car you purchase dictates premium amounts on your policy. The color of your vehicle is not a cause for concern. Rather, car insurance companies may consider credit profile, geographic location, the age of the car and safety features. Color, however, is not a factor, so purchase that bright red sedan you’ve been coveting.

Theft Of The Car is Covered…Theft Of Your CD Collection May Not

When a theft occurs, your auto insurance policy may cover the cost of the vehicle. However, depending on the policy in question and the company, the items inside of the vehicle may not. This means if the thief had similar musical taste, your CD collection might not be eligible for reimbursement under a claim. Double-check your policy upon purchase, so you are clear on the policy parameters.

Car Insurance Has Its Own Holiday

February 1 is “National Car Insurance Day” in the United States. The day is an opportunity to reinforce the importance of auto insurance policies. Many insurance companies offer specials and incentives to further educates consumers about their options on this day.

Bundles Can Save…A Bundle

Most people have at least homeowner’s and auto insurance; business owners take it a step further with commercial coverage. However, those insurance companies that offer all three will often provide bundle packages to customers to help them save a few dollars on their various policies.

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