How Do You Choose a Homeowner Insurance Company?

Find the best homeowner insurance company for your clients and speed up your insurance sales process with help from Absolute Choice Insurance. We understand that most agents have busy schedules. To help you save time, we collect insurance quotes from the top homeowner insurers so you can serve your clients better.

How Do You Choose a Homeowner Insurance Company?

Find Insurance Companies That Insure Your Desired Coverage Areas

It may seem obvious that consumers should pick homeowner insurance companies that offer the coverage they need. However, mistakes do happen, especially when companies make it easy to add a homeowner insurance policy to their clients’ existing automobile and life insurance.

Once you know the type of coverage your clients need, you can help them pick the best available option. The five main homeowner insurance coverage areas include:

  • Dwelling — Covers the value of the home
  • Loss of use — Compensates insureds for the expense of living elsewhere
  • Personal property — Insures belongings within the home
  • Other structures — Covers separate garages, workshops, sheds, and more
  • Personal liability — Protects homeowners against personal injury claims

Pick an Insurance Company With Exceptional Customer Service

Whether your client wishes to expand their existing coverage or file a claim, they’ll need a house insurance company that provides high-quality customer service.

While your clients could ask your friends and family about their customer experiences with their insurers, you can also look it up for them. For example, JD Power recently conducted an insurance company customer satisfaction study that you may find helpful.

Compare Apples to Apples When Looking at Premiums

With so many different coverage areas, add-ons, and discounts, insurance policies can easily confuse potential clients. If you find yourself comparing quotes from multiple home insurance providers, make sure that both companies offer similar, if not the same, coverage.

If your clients encounter difficulty in making the comparisons, you can ask us to issue additional quotes that match the coverage of the other offers.

Bundle Up

You should always take a little extra time reviewing the homeowners’ insurance options offered by your clients’ existing insurance providers. Many insurers give a substantial discount on new insurance policies for existing clients.

Keep in mind, however, that bundling up your clients’ insurance policies does not always save your clients the most money. However, it is always worth it to check on behalf of your clients and relay the information to them so they can make an informed decision.

Memorize Some Insurance Industry Jargon

When dealing with property insurance companies, many clients feel overwhelmed by some of the terminology. As a result, they may fail to ask questions that require clear answers or make mistakes in the amount of coverage they take out.

You’ll encounter plenty of insurance industry glossaries on the internet. Print out a few of the most common terms for your clients so they will feel more confident when you finally go to sit down with them.

Now that you know how to choose a homeowner insurance provider, call Absolute Choice Insurance at (305) 275-1777 to get a quote comparison for your clients. One of our friendly customer service representatives will give you competitive quotes and work with you to find premium discounts for your clients.


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