Fire & Home Insurance – Are You Covered?

Established in 2007, Absolute Choice Insurance offers homeowners, business owners, and automobile owners in the Kissimmee and Miami areas the comprehensive insurance they need to keep their minds at ease. This includes fire & home insurance, which provides valuable protection for consumers.

With the rising number of natural disasters each year, it is necessary for customers to have a team of experienced, dedicated, and dependable insurance agents working to help put their lives back together. A proud member of LAAIA (Latin American Association of Independent Agents) this respected insurance company serves all communities in need of home insurance, commercial insurance, and/or auto insurance.

Home Insurance

If you have recently purchased an insurance policy for your home, you probably think your home insurance covers damage from any unexpected disaster. Unfortunately, that is not the case with a standard home insurance policy. It only covers damage that results from fire, lightning, smoke, theft, vandalism, and other similar dangers. Your policy coverage usually includes the physical structure and any that are attached, e.g., a garage. It typically covers the property within the structure and expenses incurred due to temporary relocation because of an uninhabitable structure.

Most providers give policyholders money for damage to detached structures such as fences, sheds, and garages; even landscaping may be covered.


In the case of arson, an insurance company will not cover any damages or losses. Whenever there is a fire, insurance companies send investigators to assess the damage and determine its cause. If they determine it is arson, then the homeowner will not receive money as reimbursement.

Vacancy at the time a fire occurs is another situation in which insurance companies will not pay. Providers defined vacancy as a dwelling that has been unoccupied for thirty or more consecutive days. However, an insurance company must prove vacancy to deny coverage. If homeowners take annual extended vacations, they can purchase an endorsement to their existing policy or buy vacant home insurance.

It is also important to adjust your coverage limits to fit the cost of your belongings as the value of them may change with time. Moreover, always renew your coverage, so it does not lapse.

Commercial Insurance

There are many variables to consider when purchasing commercial insurance such as the type of policy, business, and level of protection required.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is similar in nature to what has been discussed so far; there are many factors to consider.

The Next Step

It is safe to say that buying insurance of any kind is not a simple task and should not be taken lightly. Therefore, it is crucial that you work with knowledgeable and capable people to select an insurance policy that is right for you. For this reason, Absolute Choice Insurance stands above the rest. They are trustworthy and have the patience that is necessary for helping customers make a smart, safe, and beneficial decision. For additional information or to schedule an appointment with an expert and take the next step toward protecting your home, business, or vehicle, simply contact us!

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