Does Homeowners Insurance Protect Against Damage Done By Other People?

Although it can happen, most people don’t intentionally damage other homeowners’ property. Despite this, your home could inadvertently be damaged by your neighbors, for example, if they cause a leak, allow invasive plants to grow in their garden, or if their home improvement project goes wrong. In such a case, the neighbor’s homeowners insurance policy should cover the damage, although your own insurance may also pay for some of the necessary repairs.

Does Homeowners Insurance Protect Against Damage Done by Others? 

Vandalism is not very common in Florida, and it doesn’t usually affect individual homeowners. However, if you happen to be the target of a vandal, you can rest assured that your insurance policy will cover the damage. They will pay for the necessary repairs to your home and, if you can’t live in the property in the meantime, they will reimburse you for the extra money you have to spend.

Most policies also cover property damage caused by your neighbors. While this issue is almost never deliberate, it can be significant. For instance, your neighbors might damage a wall between your property or theirs, or a house fire at their home could affect your property and its contents. Usually, the neighbor’s insurance policy will cover your damage as well as theirs, so you should speak to them about the problem.

How to Approach Your Neighbor 

Before you discuss the situation with your neighbors, you have to minimize the damage. If water is leaking into your home, you should remove all fragile items from the affected rooms to prevent further destruction of your property. Additionally, you will have to gather as much evidence as possible, so you can prove your claim that your neighbor’s actions are negatively affecting you.

Once you’ve completed these two steps, you should speak to your neighbor as soon as possible. They might not even be aware of the issue yet, and in some cases, they can help you stop further damage, for example by turning off a tap or pausing their home renovation project.

What If the Neighbor’s Insurance Won’t Pay?

Usually, the problem can be resolved by speaking to the neighbor, and their insurance is likely to pay for the damage. However, the insurance provider could refuse to reimburse the neighbor if they haven’t kept their home in good repair. In this case, you may be able to make a claim on your own insurance.

Speaking about this topic with your insurance agent could be a good idea, particularly if you’re worried about potential issues with your neighbors. Certain policies are more comprehensive, and you might be able to find a special type of insurance that covers damage caused by other people.

When you think of home insurance, you usually imagine a policy that covers natural disasters like hurricanes or windstorms. But vandalism and accidental damage caused by your neighbors could also be included, depending on the policy you buy. To make sure you get the best cover possible, you should speak to an experienced insurance agent. Call us at Absolute Choice Insurance to get your free quotes and discuss your situation with our experts.


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