Does Homeowners’ Insurance Go Up Every Year?

In recent months, inflation has spiked, and many Americans are now trying to lower their expenses. Just like other household bills, homeowners’ insurance increases most years. Over time, it can become very expensive, especially if you don’t monitor the situation or switch policies regularly. Read on to find out more about how you can minimize your costs and keep your premium low.

Does Homeowners’ Insurance Go Up Every Year?

Most people have significant work and family obligations, and they might not have the time or energy to check their home insurance policy frequently. But if you haven’t monitored your premiums for a few years, you should have a look to see if they have increased significantly. Most insurance companies raise their prices every year to keep up with inflation and to increase their profit margins.

Additionally, you will have to pay more if you have made a claim or if there has been an increased number of claims in your area in recent months. Although the second reason isn’t directly related to you, it can make a significant difference to your cost.

How to Minimize the Cost of Your Insurance 

There are various ways to keep the cost of your insurance reasonable. In addition to selecting a policy that covers only what you need and shopping around, you can protect your home by modernizing your heating and plumbing systems, reinforcing the roof, and installing storm shutters. These actions can minimize your chance of damage and therefore convince your insurance company to offer you a lower premium.

Another easy way to decrease your monthly costs is to raise your deductible. This is a good idea for anyone who would like to save some money but has the funds available to pay for the damage if disaster strikes. Sometimes, purchasing home and auto insurance from the same provider can also be an effective way of lowering the insurance cost. Some homeowners save up to 15% when they combine the two policies.

Should I Shop Around? 

Financial experts often advise customers to shop around for better deal every few years. But is this really worth the hassle, and can you save money this way? In many cases, the answer is yes. When you contact a cloud-based rating platform like Absolute Choice Insurance, you can receive quotes within a few minutes and easily switch from your current provider to one that offers you a better deal.

When choosing a new policy, you must make sure that it offers the same level of coverage as your old one. If you’d like some advice, you can call or message us, and one of our agents will get back to you. They can analyze your individual situation and your area’s risk levels and then suggest policies that suit your needs.

If you haven’t monitored the cost of your home insurance, you might be surprised by how much it has gone up. Fortunately, you can lower your premium by making your home disaster-resistant, increasing your deductible, combining several policies, and shopping around. Contact Absolute Choice Insurance to speak to a professional and find out more about your options.


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