Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Damage From Vehicles?

Normally, a car accident doesn’t lead to property damage. However, cars do sometimes drive into homes, in which case the structural integrity of the house might be compromised. While the driver’s car insurance should pay for the damage to the property, many homeowner insurance policies also list car accidents as a covered peril.

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Damage From Vehicles?

If a car crashes into your building and damages the structure, the owner’s car insurance will usually be responsible for paying for repairs. However, many people choose the lowest insurance coverage they can, so they might not be protected against this kind of car accident or the insurance company might not pay enough to cover all the damage. What’s more, almost 13% of cars are uninsured in the US, so there’s no guarantee that the driver is covered at all.

Usually, home insurance can help if the driver doesn’t have an adequate policy. This is because car accidents are often a named peril. If you’re not sure whether your policy would cover a car crashing into your home, you should check your insurance documents, which should specify what kinds of disasters and accidents are covered.

What About Damage to the Car or Person? 

Unfortunately, your house might not be the only thing damaged in the crash. Instead, the driver’s car might have been destroyed, and they might have sustained injuries. In this case, the process is similar. First, you should check whether their vehicle insurance can cover the damage. If so, the injured person or their relatives should make the claim. Sometimes, your home insurance can help if the driver isn’t fully covered.

What If You Crash into Your Own Property? 

In this situation, things are slightly more complicated because you have to get both your home insurance and your car insurance involved. Again, your first resort should be the policy related to your vehicle, since the accident happened while you were inside your car. This insurance company should pay for the damage to the vehicle, while your home insurance might cover the damage to your property.

How Can I Make Sure There Are No Gaps? 

To prevent any gaps in your coverage, you should speak to an insurance expert. An agent can analyze your current policy and let you know whether it would protect you in case of a car accident. If not, your professional can provide you with quotes from local insurance companies, and you can select a new policy that better suits your needs.

Your insurance agent will also get back in touch with you periodically, for example once a year. At that time, you can re-evaluate whether your policy still suits you. If not, you can switch to a better option.

When a car crashes into your building, the driver’s vehicle insurance should kick in and cover the damage. But since many people are underinsured or uninsured, you should make sure that your home insurance also protects you against this event. Get in touch with us at Absolute Choice Insurance and ask to speak to an agent. We will be happy to provide you with quotes and help you find the optimal solution.


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