Does Home Insurance Cover Cracked Walls?

Home insurance policies cover a wide range of scenarios. In general, they pay out whenever there is a disaster such as a hurricane, flood, fire, or vandalism. But can you expect cracked walls to be covered? The answer is that it depends on the cause of the crack. Read on to find out more about what types of wall damage Florida home insurance is likely to cover.

Does Florida Home Insurance Cover Cracked Walls? 

Almost every house develops cracked walls at some point. If the property is new and small fissures appear, it might simply be the house settling into its foundations. Old houses develop cracks for a variety of reasons such as moisture and leaks, wear and tear, or foundation damage.

Whether your insurance covers this issue depends on the cause of the crack. If the problem is caused by a natural disaster or something outside of your control such as subsidence, your policy might pay out.

Causes of Cracks 

Cracks can appear for a wide variety of reasons. Most commonly, they form because a home is settling into its foundations or changing slightly due to natural wear and tear. This type of damage isn’t usually covered by insurance, and you’ll have pay for redecorating out-of-pocket. If the issue is related to bad workmanship, your building insurance might pay out.

Sometimes, cracks are caused by subsidence. This is a vertical movement of the Earth’s surface that can either be caused by natural factors or human intervention. Similarly, walls can be damaged due to a leak or extremely high levels of humidity in your home. Often, this kind of damage is covered by home insurance, especially if it is the result of a natural disaster like a flood.

Should I Always Address Cracks?

It’s not always necessary to fix minor cracks, which aren’t very visible and don’t usually cause structural damage. However, issues with your walls often become worse over time, and a small crack might become severe over time.

Generally, it’s cheaper to address problems with the walls earlier, as you might be able to do the repairs on your own. If you have a small crack, you only have to redecorate and paint over the affected section of the wall. By the time a crack is moderate or severe, it’s likely that you’ll need professional assistance.

What About Ceiling Cracks? 

Cracks in your ceiling work in the same way as those in your walls, and they are also often caused by settling or structural damage to the home. Just like wall cracks, they aren’t usually covered by your insurance unless there is an issue like subsidence. If you’re concerned about growing ceiling cracks, you should get in touch with your home insurance provider to find out whether they are likely to pay out.

Often, home insurance policies don’t pay for repairing wall cracks. However, you might be covered if your wall gets damaged during a flood or another natural disaster or due to subsidence. It’s important to remember that not every policy is the same, and you purchase add-on coverage if you expect issues with your home. Call us at Absolute Choice Insurance to receive your quotes and find out more about the home insurance policies available in your area.


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