Commercial Insurance | Worker’s Comp Coverage in Florida

Nobody wants to think about accidents on a job site, but everyone should be prepared for them. Keeping safety procedures in place and making sure that everyone on the crew knows them can significantly reduce the number of accidents per year. But even on the most responsibly-run job sites, accidents occur, and that’s why workers’ compensation coverage in Florida is essential.  

Consider a relatively minor incident where a worker slips and falls, gets injured by a dropped tool or a mislaid piece of equipment, or injuries himself or herself lifting heavy materials. Even if the worker is back to business in less than a week there are still enormous costs to be covered. With workers’ comp, expenses like ambulance rides and other treatment costs will be covered.

Who Needs Coverage?

If you’re a worker, you need to understand the value of having workers’ comp coverage. If you’re an employer, you need to understand when you’re required to provide coverage to workers. This is true not only for those working in the construction industry; workers in other fields, like agriculture also need to know about workers’ comp.

In Florida, if you employ even one worker on a construction site you’re required to provide workers’ comp. In most other businesses, you must provide coverage if you have four or more workers. For agriculture the restrictions are different.

For employers who hire seasonal or casual farm workers the requirements are slightly relaxed. If there are twelve or more employees who have worked for thirty days or more then then workers’ comp must be provided. If you have six full-time farm workers the law requires that they receive coverage from you. Some workers can elect for exemption if they work in a corporate workplace.  

If you’re a subcontractor, then you are obligated to provide coverage. In turn, primary contractors are obligated to provide coverage to those subcontractors to make sure that there aren’t gaps in workers’ comp coverage. If you’re based out of state, it’s your obligation to report to your insurer if you have Florida workers in your employ.  

What Coverage Offers

Workers’ Comp Coverage in Florida doesn’t just pay medical bills for employees who are injured while performing work. If an injury results in missed work, then the employee is entitled to a portion of the income lost, but that’s not all. If rehabilitation requires working with specialists then some or all of these costs are covered by workers’ comp.

Workers’ comp also takes the burden off grieving families and employers in the event that a fatal workplace accident occurs. In the event a worker decides to sue an employer, then the costs to the employer can quickly spiral out of control. Workers’ comp helps employers pay for legal defense.

In short, workers’ comp coverage in Florida provides a benefit for workers and employers alike. No one can afford to be without protection against the unforeseen. While it’s everyone’s responsibility to be vigilant to prevent workplace accidents and ensure workers’ safety, investing in workers’ comp allows everyone to feel they’re in good hands.

Accidents happen, but workers’ comp lets everyone focus on the job ahead and get back to work. Since coverage varies, don’t wait to learn about policies. A range of policies can be purchased commercially. Some businesses may be allowed to self-insure. 


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