Are Power Outages Covered by Homeowners’ Insurance?

Most of the time, power outages don’t cause extensive damage, and homeowners simply have to replace some refrigerated food. But in some cases, an extended outage requires people to stay at a hotel overnight, causes the breakdown of electronic devices, and causes structural damage to the home. Today, we’ll discuss what is covered by insurance and how to find the best homeowners’ insurance policy for your needs.

Are Power Outages Covered by Homeowners’ Insurance? 

Every policy is different, but some types of damage caused by power outages are usually covered. For example, your homeowner’s insurance might pay out $500 to replace refrigerated food damaged by the outage. Often, the source of the outage is relevant. If it originated inside the house, for example, due to vandalism or a malfunctioning electronic device, it’s likely that some or all of your costs are covered.

However, if there is a widespread problem like a fault with your power company, many insurance providers won’t pay out. People worried about power outages and the financial losses associated with them should read the fine print of their policies. There might be an option to purchase supplemental insurance that extends the coverage.

Costs Associated with an Outage

Normally, power outages are short and don’t cause much damage. Refrigerated food won’t spoil for at least four hours, and frozen food won’t go off for 48 hours, so short outages might not come with losses. However, an extended outage due to a lightning strike, hurricane, or flood can cause significant issues.

In addition to tossing away spoiled food, homeowners might need to remove mold from their property due to a lack of ventilation, repair or replace appliances, and even stay in a hotel. Homeowner’s insurance frequently covers these additional costs if they are due to a natural disaster.

Finding the Best Homeowners’ Insurance 

For property owners who live in an area that is prone to power outages, finding a reasonably priced insurance policy that covers the most likely scenarios can be a challenge. Often, companies increase the price if they know that the area is risky. Fortunately, there are insurance specialists who can help you find the best deal. At Absolute Choice Insurance, we use a cloud-based rating platform to instantly create and compare quotes.

When you get in touch, our online tool can come up with a list of insurance providers and their offers. Then, you can either choose the policy that suits you best, or if you have questions, you can get in touch with one of our experts. We will be pleased to help you evaluate your area’s risk factors and your personal situation and then suggest a homeowner’s insurance that protects you optimally.

During a power outage, many insurance policies pay out approximately $500 for refrigerated food. Additionally, they may cover the costs of staying at a hotel, repairing broken electrical devices, and fixing structural issues in the home such as mold. People living in areas prone to power outages should double-check their policies to make sure they are protected. Call us now at Absolute Choice Insurance to get your quotes from local insurance companies.


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