Are Musical Instruments Covered by Home Insurance?

Anyone who has purchased a good quality musical instrument knows they are not cheap. You pay for the quality of sound the instrument produces, and while a beginner instrument is great for a novice, the better you get, the higher quality instrument you need. Ensuring your home is not a novel concept. However, have you ever wondered if Florida home insurance covers the musical instruments you play?

Are Musical Instruments Covered by Florida Home Insurance?

Most homeowners insurance policies provide built-in coverage for musical instruments, accessories, and music. The trouble is that the coverage offered will only cover a specific dollar amount. So if you have a grand piano or a vintage guitar that makes your heart sing, your homeowner’s policy may not provide enough coverage for you to replace them. This means you may need a separate policy or to purchase add-ons.


Your homeowner’s insurance generally covers your instruments if they are damaged by vandalism, fire, and other issues listed in your standard policy, including theft. However, your policy also has a total coverage limit for personal property. You can check this limit by speaking to your insurance agent or checking your policy. Many of these policies will cap instrument replacement at $2,000 or $2,500, which limits what you can and can not replace.

Do You Need Extra Coverage?

The first thing you need to do when checking to see if you need extra coverage for your musical instruments is to take inventory. Making and keeping an updated list online will ensure you have an up-to-date inventory of your instruments. Next, you need to assign a value to each instrument. Finally, if you have instruments that are very valuable, such as instruments that are antiques or vintage, get a professional to appraise them.

Once you have your inventoried list, you need to check your policy. You need extra coverage if the amount listed on your homeowner’s personal property insurance is not enough to cover your instrument and the rest of your personal belongings.

Add-On Coverage

When you include add-on coverage to your policy, the add-ons may come with a lower deductible than your standard homeowner’s policy. This add-on also referred to as a rider, allows a higher limit for the items covered, such as your instruments, for repairs and replacement. In addition, this endorsement often covers items for all risks, so they are covered for a broader range of issues.

Standalone Coverage

If you have a high-value instrument that needs special coverage, consider getting a standalone coverage policy. Standalone policies require a professional to visit your home and appraise the instrument’s value. This will then determine the coverage needed. Insurance premiums for high-value musical instruments can be as low as $250 per year.

Your homeowner’s policy needs to be right for you. It must cover your home, outbuildings, personal belongings, and the musical instruments you hold close to your heart. Contact Absolute Choice Insurance to get a fast, free home insurance quote today.


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