9 More Surprising Things Home Insurance Covers

Most people are unaware of just how much homeowners insurance covers and end up failing to take advantage of all that their insurance policy has to offer them.  Call Absolute Choice Insurance today to learn more about what types of coverage you can get from your home insurance.

In the meantime, take a look at some surprising things that a homeowners policy will cover.

What’s in Your Fridge

If the food in your refrigerator or freezer happens to go bad due to a power outage, standard home insurance will usually compensate you for your losses.  This is a perk that, surprisingly, many people do not know about and fail to take advantage of.  Most policies cover up to $500 worth of merchandise, but with extended plans, you can get much more coverage.

Your Yard

In the event that someone drives their vehicle through your yard and causes any damages to your grass and shrubbery, your insurance will pay for repairs.  So, the next time someone tampers with your lawn, it might be wise to call the insurance company instead of footing the bill yourself.

Your College Student’s Belongings

When your children live in university housing, their belongings are covered as well.  Because their personal items can also be considered yours, you can make a viable claim if any of their possessions get stolen.

Volcanic Eruption

As is the case with other natural disasters, your insurance will cover damage to your property caused by volcanic eruptions.  Of course, this scenario is quite rare, but it’s a good fact to know in case you ever decide to move to Hawaii.

Fire Department Fees

In some places, fire departments charge a fee for responding to your calls.  These fees can be pricey, but fortunately, your homeowner’s insurance will usually cover them in legitimate situations.  After all, paying a fee to the fire department is much cheaper than paying to rebuild a house that has been burned down.


Similar to how insurance companies will pay to have your yard repaired when accidental damages are done to your property, they will also help when you are a victim of outright vandalism.  It’s not your fault if someone else decides to graffiti your house or egg your mailbox; making a claim under these circumstances is justifiable.


If the property at your home gets stolen, your insurance plan will help you recoup the costs of your valuables.  And, any damage done to your home as a result of the thief’s offenses is covered, as the damage can be considered vandalism.

Civil Disturbances

Those who live in areas where protests, riots, or other civil disturbances occur should know that homeowners insurance also covers damage done to their homes due to any incidents brought about by these disturbances.  If your property is harmed during the course of any of the cases above, you can file for compensation.

Medical Bills For Guests Injured At Your Home

If you have a guest over at your home and they get injured for one reason or another, your insurance will cover any medical bills that have to be paid to treat the injury.  One of the best aspects of this is that whether or not the injury is your fault or not, you still get coverage.

Choosing the Right Home Insurance

For more information about what is covered by home insurance, and to find out more about the coverage you should have, contact the experts at Absolute Choice Insurance. We’ll answer any questions that you might have, and set you up with insurance that adequately covers you. Call today!

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