5 Interesting Fact You Should Know about Home Insurance

When you’re purchasing a home or looking for peace of mind when you are away from your home, home insurance is the best way to rest assured that your investment stays intact, and you can feel confident in your purchase for generations to come. The following are 5 interesting facts about home insurance that should both guide you in home insurance decisions and entertain you in your hunt for a home insurance plan that works best for you.

Home Insurance Fact 1:

Your Home Insurance Policy Cannot Be Canceled without a Valid Reason

That’s right; after 60 days, you can safely rest assured that you are legally locked in to your plan within the terms of your agreement. Be warned; however, that they can choose not to renew.  If that is the case, they will need to give you 30 days notice prior to releasing you.

Fact 2:

Some Claims or Losses Are Likely to Not Be Included in Many Home Insurance Policies

Your location and certain circumstances have a lot to do with this. Many coastal areas do not insure for damages due to winds, as the claims would be often and would likely outweigh the profit margin of the insurer. Other instances like earthquake insurance are often an add-on, so keep that in mind when you are reviewing your papers.

Fact 3:

There Are Occasionally Discounts for Being Close to a Fire Hydrant

This option may or may not be something you have control of, but if you are buying a house and notice you are closer to a fire hydrant, it is definitely worth either mentioning or reviewing other insurance companies who offer discounts for this kind of circumstance.

Fact 4:

Keeping a Home Inventory Is Essential

Having some existing consideration for what is in your home is essential to making an accurate and redeemable claim. Many people overlook valuable items and see returns that turn out to be less than what they could have received with more thoughtful documentation.

Fact 5:

Lack of Upkeep May Affect Your Claim

If you are waffling on a repair you know you need to make or living a work-around situation where otherwise you could enjoy a better living situation, go ahead and use insurance claims as another reason to quit procrastinating and get it fixed. Otherwise, you could miss out on important insurance claims and money!


In the end, home insurance is the best way to put your mind at ease and offer total assurance that disaster or unexpected incidents will not disrupt your life and endanger valuable savings funds. There are many ways to find home insurance plans and many avenues you can explore in order to learn more about home insurance options. When are you are ready to find out more about what the home insurance marketplace can offer you, come talk to our team at Absolute Choice Insurance, visit our website at www.absolutechoiceinsurance.com, or give us a call at (407) 344-4444. We are insurance experts and would love to help you locate the insurance plan that works best for your needs.


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