15 Benefits of Florida Home Insurance

Every year people from all over the country move in droves to Florida to enjoy the lavish ocean lifestyle and live among the beautiful natural landscape. It comes as no surprise that with all of these new and existing residents, many choose to buy rather than rent. One of the most important ways to protect a house is with a high-quality Florida home insurance policy. The market value of homes has consistently proven to create great financial gains for many owners.
Maintaining a home insurance policy that protects your assets and your belongings is the best way to fortify your investment with the security and peace of mind only good insurance can provide. At Absolute Choice Insurance, we make a living protecting and preserving our customers’ homes and properties. If you are in the market for a new insurance policy, or if you are interested in switching to a different insurance carrier, it is important to remember these fifteen benefits of having a quality insurance plan to cover your house.

15 Benefits of Florida Home Insurance

1. Peace of Mind

With a trusted company, you can feel significant peace of mind knowing that your cherished house and property are protected and secure. The insurance market is becoming over-saturated with mediocre companies that offer mediocre products. When you are selecting an insurance plan to cover your family’s home, you need to choose a company that you can completely trust.

Absolute Choice Insurance is proud to be backed and trusted by many of the country’s leading institutions like Progressive, Homeowners Choice, and Peninsula Insurance Company. We are proud to provide our clients with an excellent insurance service only a trusted, qualified company can offer. Our clients know that we have a strong track record for providing high-quality service and policy options.

2. Affordable Options

Insurance costs vary depending on the specifications of the policy and the company that you work with. It is advised to consider exactly what amount fits into your overall budget when you are shopping for home insurance. There is a wide range of coverage options, deductibles, and optional policy additions that alter the annual cost of a good home insurance policy.

We make it incredibly easy for our clients to protect their homes with affordable and practical policies. We understand what Floridians need and want when it comes to insurance. At Absolute Choice Insurance, we offer a wide range of policies that can fit into any lifestyle, budget, and concern.

3. Residential Protection

Homeowners know the value and importance of owning a five-star Florida home insurance policy.  Keeping a personal property protection policy is the smartest way to ensure that your home is completely protected from the unexpected.

In Florida, we are accustomed to all types of weather and climate conditions. Many residential plans at Absolute Choice Insurance come standard with protection from the most common weather and season-related damage that may occur in our great state. We are prepared to protect you and your home with a comprehensive residential insurance policy to keep you prepared and safe no matter what shows up.

4. Access to Local Offices

When you are considering a home insurance policy, choosing an insurance company with regional and local offices is an often understated insurance benefit. Many insurance companies have large national corporate offices that are not open to the public, and they can lack the easy access that regional companies can offer.

We have regional Florida offices located in Kissimmee and Miami that give our clients easy access to have face-to-face conversations with our agents and customer service representatives. In addition to our online and phone support, our local offices are a benefit to those who want a more personal connection with their insurance agent.

5. Offers Opportune Recovery

In the unfortunate circumstance that disaster strikes and causes costly damage to your property or home, you will want to make sure your home insurance policy covers your loss in full. Those without thorough Florida home insurance coverage will need to pay huge sums out of pocket to cover damage and property reconstruction.

However, if you have a policy that covers full recovery and recuperation costs, you will not need to pinch pennies in an already stressful situation. When you have a home insurance policy that pays for the recovery of your property, you and your family can focus on what matters the most in a time of tragedy and crisis.

6. Prepares for Unique Circumstances

Anyone who resides in Florida knows that this state has its own idiosyncratic ways. The state is a popular vacation destination, has favorable tax rates, and enjoys a nice climate; and thus it is an ever-growing sanctuary for new home buyers for a reason. It is really a special and unique place to call home.

When you work with a local insurance company that understands the ins and outs of the Florida way of life, you set yourself up for success. Our qualified at knowledgeable agents at Absolute Choice Insurance are here to provide a policy that covers all of the special circumstances we need to be prepared for in this warm-weather state.

7. Guards High-Value Homes

Many Florida houses demonstrate their paradise value though retaining a value, especially compared to other areas of the country. A waterfront property in Florida is an absolute treasure that many homeowners cherish and pass down through their families for generations. The truth is, everyone works hard to earn and care for their home and property, and they deserve a company that puts their needs and concerns at the forefront.

An enormous benefit of securing a Florida home insurance policy is that these policies can cover and protect even the most expensive and valuable properties on the market. No matter what happens in the coming summers or years, residents should not consider living without a residential insurance policy that fits their lifestyle and needs.

8. Provides Wind Coverage

High winds caused by storms and coastal storm systems can have devastating effects on a property and a residence. Statewide, regardless of whether you are near a crowded coast or an open wetland, storms and wind can cause severe damage.

We are proud to secure policies with our clients that cover wind-related damage. We make it our priority to provide our clients with the best possible insurance policies, and all of our policies are designed to deliver the best wind coverage protection. While it may be a common concern for Florida homeowners, we strive to take away any uncertainty or fear about damage from wind-related issues.

9. Personal Liability Insurance

When someone claims that you have caused damage to their property or played a role in injury damages, your homeowners’ insurance in Florida should offer a level of personal liability. You should ensure that your chosen company includes this benefit in their standard policy.

The risk of not having personal liability insurance may seem far fetched, but the cost of not having personal liability insurance wrapped into your homeowners’ insurance may lead to devastating financial consequences. All homeowners, new and existing, should keep this benefit in mind when shopping for their preferred policy and insurance agency.

10. Defend Other Structures

Depending on the size of your property and the layout of your land, you may have the room for a pool, shed, detached garage, in-law suite, and much more. In Florida creative and luxurious home options are easy to find and create.

Regardless of the value of your shed, detached garage, or other free-standing structure on your property, it is important to make sure that you have a policy that covers all buildings on your properties, not just your house. Many of the best insurance companies like Absolute Choice Insurance offer this immeasurable benefit.

11. Prepare for Unexpected Expenses

No one wants to imagine the consequences of a devastating hurricane or storm that renders a house and property inhabitable. Sadly, this circumstance happens in Florida, and it is critical for you and your family that you have an insurance policy that will stand with you in the face of adversity.

One of the most important benefits of a Florida home insurance policy is to have a policy that supports you through the loss of use of your property. You need to ensure that your insurance policy will provide cover for additional living expenses and the costs associated with moving off of your own property in the event of an emergency situation.

12. Customize Your Deductible

Every individual and family has different financial needs and income levels. When you are exploring home insurance policies, one of the benefits can actually be your deductible amount. We understand at Absolute Choice insurance that every insurance policy has different needs.

We like to work with our clients to determine what coverage amounts and deductible levels will work within their budget and finances. If a crisis situation emerges and you need to pay a deductible on your property damage, it is highly beneficial to have a clear understanding of how much your deductible will be, down to the dollar. We make it a priority to meet our clients’ needs when it comes to paying their deductible.

13. Covers Medical Expenses

In an unexpected and damaging storm or circumstance, medical expenses can become an enormous concern for homeowners. You need to ensure that your policy has options to cover medical expenses for anyone who may be potentially damaged by your home and property in a storm or extraordinary circumstance.

When you have a home insurance policy that provides medical coverage for others who are potentially harmed by a situation on your property, you are one step closer to being completely protected and insured by a high-quality policy.

14. Option to Bundle Coverage

Everyone needs to have their most valuable investments protected and secured from unexpected loss or damage. A great way to save money and streamline your finances is through bundling your insurance coverage together.

At Absolute Choice Insurance, we make it easy to bundle your auto, residential, and commercial insurance altogether in one place. When you have the option to keep all of your policies managed by the same qualified company, you will save money and have a more hassle-free relationship with your preferred insurer. We love to protect every valuable investment that our clients have worked hard to earn and maintain.

15. Consult With Experts

Because Florida is such a unique and special place to live, when it comes to insurance, working with a certified insurer who understands the location is a wonderful benefit. Insurance agents in Florida have seen and heard it all.

We are proud of our local office access and regional expert guidance. When you work with us, you have access to the best-of-the-best consultants in the Florida home insurance industry. This is a benefit that can not only keep your house and property safe and protected but also give you a special level of confidence in your policy.

Why Absolute Choice Insurance?

Since 2007, we have led the Florida residential insurance industry. We are proud to be a member of the LAAII (Latin American Association of Independent Agents), and we represent our Florida communities with a passion for excellence. When it comes to protecting your assets and your property, you can trust that we keep your needs and persona protection our top priority. We provide efficient and consistent customer service and claim support.

Our company is committed to providing Floridians with the most comprehensive and specialized coverage available. When disaster strikes, our clients are well protected and prepared. If you are ready to learn more about our distinctive agency and quality insurance products, get your free quote from Absolute Choice Insurance today!

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