13 Tips to Get the Best Pleasure Car Insurance

Insurance rates have been shooting through the roof in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, there is no sign that they will come down soon. This upward change of insurance rates results from the rising cost of cars combined with the litigious nature of the American people. One of the ways of reducing your insurance costs is finding a good deal from a reliable company. Finding a cheap and reliable car insurance company is not an easy task. It requires prudence and patience. You also need a few tricks up your sleeve, and this is why we are offering you 13 tips to get the best pleasure car insurance.

Factors that Influence Car Insurance Rates

Vehicle Use

Car insurance companies consider the day-to-day usage of a car to determine your level of risk and the insurance rates they will charge you. Many cars fall under commercial use, personal use, pleasure use, or commuting.

Commercial Use vs. Personal Use

There are several ways to determine whether a car should be covered under a commercial car policy or under a personal car policy. Some of the factors that indicate a car’s insurance policy falls under commercial use include:

  • A car that is registered to and owned by a business enterprise
  • A car that is driven only by employees of a business
  • A car that often carries products, tools or equipment of a business enterprise
  • A car that is a business on its own (taxis, delivery vans) or a car that is vital in helping a business perform its core activities
  • A car that is modified to accommodate commercial add-ons such as snowplows, winches, cranes, lift-gates and so on

Personal Business Use

In some cases, it is difficult to distinguish between a personal car and a commercial car. Professionals who take their clients to appointments or other work-related events and locations can insure their cars under a personal policy. However, in such cases, the professionals are not commercial drivers, nor do they offer driving services or taxi services. For example, a real estate agent taking prospective customers to view a property can insure their car under a personal car policy since their primary business is real estate and not transportation.

Another group of people who belong to this category are those whose professions require them to drive to several places during the day. Such professionals include healthcare providers, real estate agents, and private investigators, among others. All these people can drive safely using a personal car policy.

Some car insurance companies also make exceptions for drivers who have a side business that requires them to occasionally transport products using their car. If you run a side business that requires you to transport small quantities of products once in a while, you can insure your car under a personal car policy instead of a commercial car policy.

Pleasure Use vs. Commuting

Pleasure cars are those whose owners use them for leisure and personal activities. Sometimes cars that are driven occasionally fall under this category. Some car insurance companies check the mileage on the car to determine whether it qualifies for a pleasure car insurance policy. Some insurers offer lower rates for cars that do not exceed an annual mileage of 7500 miles by classifying such vehicles as pleasure use cars.

On the other hand, people who drive to and from work or school, leaving the car idle while they are at work or in a classroom, have a commuting car. Commuting cars attract higher insurance rates because they are driven more miles than pleasure cars. Additionally, since most commuting cars are on the road in the morning and in the evening, their policy price is higher because most accidents happen at these times.


Mileage affects the price of your car insurance. Different insurance companies use different mileage breakpoints to determine a car’s insurance rate. Some insurers give their customers discounts when they drive less than 15000 miles annually, while others offer their clients discounts for driving less than 8000 miles per year. Some insurance companies check their clients’ odometer, but others are more trusting and take their customers’ word.

It is important to note that mileage plays a minor role in influencing insurance rates except in California, where it is second the most important factor coming second only to a client’s driving record.

13 Tips to Get the Best Pleasure Car Insurance

1. Defensive Driving Course

Completing an approved defensive driving course will probably land you an improved pleasure car insurance deal. Taking a defensive or an accident prevention course will also help to reduce the points on your driver’s license. If you have no intention to change your insurance company, discuss with them about the discounts associated with a defensive driving course before enrolling. It is pointless to invest your time and money in a program whose benefits will not reflect on your insurance savings.

2. Take a Cover for Multiple Drivers

Insuring multiple drivers or multiple cars with the same insurance company attracts lower insurance rates. Insurance companies are always looking for more business, and they will be more than happy to extend you a discount when you bring in more business. In most cases, multiple drivers refer to people living under the same roof who are related by blood or marriage. People who are not related can also enjoy multiple driver discounts if they jointly own the car.

When one of the drivers is a teenager, the insurer might ask you to pay higher a premium.

3. Safe Driving

This might seem obvious, but considering the increase of in-car distractions, it cannot be said enough times. Reckless driving and moving violations raise your pleasure car insurance rates. Moving violations contribute to an increase of points on your driver’s license. The more the points on your driver’s license, the higher your interest rates. Therefore, if you want to get the best insurance deal, you need to drive your pleasure car more carefully.

4. Improve Your Credit Rating

When determining the insurance rates payable, insurers must assess your driving record. Drivers with a history of being involved in road accidents pay higher premiums because they are likely to cost the insurer money in the future. Besides a driver’s record on the road, car insurance companies also look into a client’s credit rating to determine insurance rates.

Although this has been a contentious issue, proponents of this method of determining premiums claim that drivers who are responsible with their personal life are less likely to make insurance claims.

5. Shop for Better Premiums

If your current policy is about to expire and you are not satisfied with the services of your pleasure car insurance company, you can shop around for better quotes from their competitors. Seasoned drivers advise new drivers to browse around for quotes from other insurers every one or two years. This way, one can come across a better car insurance deal if one exists.

However, just because an insurer offers the lowest rates in the market does not mean they are the best choice. Sometimes cheap is expensive. Ensure an insurer is credible and has the capacity and reputation of paying insurance claims.

6. Increase Deductibles

When getting a car insurance cover, you choose the amount you want to pay as a deductible. A deductible is the amount of money you are willing to pay in case of an accident, theft, or other damages to your car before the insurer covers the rest of the costs. In most cases, deductibles range from $250 to $1000. The lower your deductibles, the higher your annual premiums. To get the best pleasure car insurance, consider increasing your deductibles.

7. The Type of Your Car Matters

One of the decisive factors when determining insurance rates is the size of your car. While buying a big SUV is exciting, the insurance rates it may attract might not bring a smile on your face. Some car insurance companies offer discounts on hybrids or alternative fuel vehicles. Should this particular discount appeal to you, you will save money on premiums and also protect the environment. Therefore, if you are yet to buy a car, check out the different insurance rates for different types of cars.

8. Review Comprehensive Coverage

Sometimes getting the best pleasure car insurance involves dropping some types of coverage. However, this is a risky move since nobody can predict when and if misfortune will befall them. There are some scenarios where reviewing your comprehensive coverage makes sense. For example, if your car has seen better days, you can drop collision or comprehensive coverage, especially if you are a careful driver, and the costs are too high. If the car is very old and gets involved in an accident, the insurance company is likely to total it. Paying a comprehensive coverage of $500 for a car worth $1000 makes no sense.

9. Install an Anti-Theft Device

Some insurers give discounts to drivers who install anti-theft devices. Your car insurance provider should inform you which devices you should install to lower your annual premiums. Some of the most common anti-theft devices that are likely to get you the best car insurance include LoJack and car alarms. If lowering your annual premiums is the only motivation for installing an anti-theft device, assess whether the cost and trouble reflect on your insurance savings.

10. Pay As You Go

This car insurance package is ideal for customers who drive safely and maintain a low annual mileage. For this package, the insurer tracks your driving to determine what you should pay as a premium. Some of the things to consider include when you drive, how well you drive, and how often you drive. Drivers who clock less than 10000 miles annually are more likely to benefit from this car insurance package.

11. Your Location Matters

You will be surprised to realize that insurance rates differ from state to state even when other factors remain constant. Although it is unlikely that you will leave home and move to another state because of cheaper insurance rates, it can tip the balance when you decide to move.

12. Speak to Your Agent

Sometimes you do not even need to look further for a great car insurance deal. Your agent is probably aware of how you can land the best pleasure car insurance without changing companies. After all, they are experts who have been doing this for years. They know about special discounts extended to military men and women, public servants, employees of certain companies, or other special groups of people. Speaking to your agent might remind them of a special discount you qualify for.

13. Research Additional Discounts

Car insurance companies have a variety of discounts for their customers. Some of these discounts include:

  • Insurance discounts associated with other insurance packages such as homeowners insurance
  • A special arrangement to receive documentation and e-bills
  • Access to memberships in some groups or organizations that offer discounts
  • Offers allowing to pay the 6-month or full annual premium at once

Although these discounts are enticing and almost irresistible, do not let them stop you from carrying out due diligence. Compare discounts and regular prices from several car insurance companies before choosing one. You can also talk with existing customers to hear what they have to say about their insurance provider.


Getting the best pleasure car insurance requires patience and self-discipline. To land the best insurance deal, you also have to be prudent and diligent. Combine these personal attributes with the tips we have provided, and you will always have good car insurance at an affordable price. For your best car insurance package get in touch with Absolute Choice Insurance through these numbers:

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